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Regenerating Competence

"Regeneration" is the term that is now conventionally used in respect of policy and initiatives concerned with promoting social and economic inclusion. In the UK, various initiatives have been taken over many decades to deal with the problems associated with urban decay, as the effects of economic and industrial change leave certain geographically-located social groups disadvantaged and excluded. Often geographical location overlaps with social location, so that enclaves or 'ghettos' are created populated by those who are less able to relocate in order to take advantage of new opportunities arising through economic and industrial change.

The record of policies and initiatives to deal with such problems is not one of high success. Moreover, new policies and initiatives are often devised and implemented with insufficient reference to the lessons that might be learned from previous attempts. How then can the 'competence' required for effective regeneration be developed and disseminated? This site attempts to promote the learning of relevant lessons and their dissemination, so that competence for regeneration can indeed be regenerated.

Virtual Tools for Popular Planning


Radical beginnings, conventional ends? Organizational transformation - a problem in the development of radical organizations. Co-authored with Margaret Grieco, published as chapter 3 in: Jenkins, G. and Poole, M. (eds.) (1990) New Forms of Ownership: Management and Employment, London: Routledge.


Agents and Agencies in Employment-Oriented Local Economic Development
Final report of project undertaken under Leonardo da Vinci funding initiative; studies the different perspectives adopted in this field


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