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This part of our report presents case studies of ten agencies involved in employment-oriented local economic development, which are either based in the area local to the University of North London or cover that area as part of their work. In most cases, the agencies have a wider role than employment-related work.

The 10 cases studies are (in alphabetical order):

1 Artec (ARTEC)

2 Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG)

3 CAG Consultants (CAG)

4 City & Islington College (C&IC)

5 Focus Central TEC (FC)

6 Islington Enterprise Agency (IEA)

7 LBI'S Economic and Social Regeneration Division (ESRD)

8 London Regeneration Network (LRN)

9 Refugee Advice and Guidance Unit (RAGU)

10 Tollington Regeneration Initiative (TRI)

Earlier in this report we have described work in this field as an extremely broad area of policy and practice with indistinct boundaries. The 10 agencies we have chosen to highlight here richly represent the 'patchwork quilt' of organisations involved in employment-oriented local economic development. For example, they display a wide range of organisational and constitutional forms, funding sources, and work with a wide or explicitly targeted membership, client group, or sectoral or community focus. They also reflect different assumptions about the nature of employment-oriented local economic development, which are reflected in their strategies and activities.

The acronym written in bold corresponds to the full name of the 10 agencies above :

1 An innovative education and training agency focusing on a new and rapidly developing industry in multimedia (ARTEC)

2 A Nation-wide networking agency focusing on policy and best practice to tackle the training and enterprise needs of black communities. (BTEG)

3 A co-operatively owned commercial consultancy specialising in Community Economic Development policy, practice and training. (CAG)

4 Islington's College of FE (Further Education) with its extensive Vocational Education and Training provision for people who live or work in Islington and neighbouring boroughs. (C&IC)

5 A Training and Enterprise Council (TEC) serving the 6 central London boroughs including Islington. (FC)

6 A local Enterprise Agency for business start up and business administration training and networking for Islington's SME sector. (IEA)

7 Islington Borough Council's own Economic and Social Regeneration Division. (ESRD)

8 A London-wide networking agency promoting Community Economic Development. (LRN)

9 An award winning education and training agency for Islington's refugee communities. (RAGU)

10 A community based regeneration Partnership for the Northern part of the borough of Islington. (TRI)

Each agency is described below in more detail in the following case studies:

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