Many of the organisations that undertake research and consultancy work in the field of local economic development provide forums to disseminate their findings and promote good practice and activities in CPD for practitioners in the field of local economic development. The organisations listed below represent those that also have an explicit CPD brief. It is also notable that many of the training providers offering postgraduate courses listed in Appendix 1, also offer single modules which could function as CPD in some cases.

1 BURA (British Urban Regeneration Association)

33 Great Sutton Street

London EC1 0DX

Tel 0171 253 5054

The professional body promoting good practice in urban regeneration through its programme of events (conferences, seminars, workshops) and good practice awards.

2 Centre for Local Economies (CLES)

Barclay House, 35 Whitworth Street West,

Manchester M1 5NG

Tel 0161 236 1891

A policy development organisation which organises a rolling programme of events and a summer school for practitioners in local economic development.

3 Centre for Urban & Regional Studies (CURS)

School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham

Birmingham B15 2TT

Tel 0121 414 5028

Runs specialist short courses and a programme of post experience seminars (40 in 1996/97) for practitioners.

4 Community Development Foundation

60 Highbury Grove,

Islington N5 2AG

Tel 0171 226 5375

Organises conferences and short courses on community development and community economic development issues.


Dept of Local Government Studies,

University of Birmingham

Birmingham B15 2TT

Tel 0121 414 4994

INLOGOV has an annual programme of seminars and conferences for


6 LEPU (Local Economy Policy Unit)

School of Urban Development & Policy,

Southbank University

Wandsworth Road,

London SW8 2JZ

Tel 0171 815 7798

Runs an extensive one day seminar programme for policy makers and practitioners in local economic development issues. Publishes a quarterly journal Local Economy.

7 The Planning Exchange

Tontine House,

8 Gordon Street,

Glasgow G1 3PL

Tel 0141 248 9441

Promotes the exchange of knowledge and information about good practice in local economic development. Publishes a weekly Bulletin about new publications, information, reviews and notices of current events (seminars, workshops, conferences etc). Provides search and enquiry facilities and a monthly journal Economic Development Today.

8 Policy Research Institute (PRI)

16 Queen Square

Leeds LS2 8AJ

Tel 0113 283 3225

The PRI runs a series of one day policy-related seminars for practitioners.

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